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Text on Button Only A Few Of 'Em Left
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Color Illustration of the back of a balding man's head with a few black hairs on the bottom and top of his head. Black text curves on the bottom portion of the button. The illustration and text lie on a white-blue dotted background.

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Quality Tokio Cigarette
Factory No 649
1st Dist. NEW YORK

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Thomas E. Powers (1870-1939) was born on the Fourth of July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Powers was a nationally recognized cartoonist who worked at the New York Evening World, a William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951) newspaper.  Powers's most famous comic strip was "Joy and Gloom."  The figure drawn for the button looks like it could be the back of Gloom's head.  Both Hearst and Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) considered Power to be their favor cartoonist.  


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