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Notre Dame Difference

Notre Dame Difference Schools Button Museum
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Notre Dame Difference button back Schools Button Museum
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Yellow text on a blue background

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The monogram on this button is the University of Notre Dame's most recognizable logo. It represents the spirit of the University, and is therefore used in many communities. It is used to represent academics. There are different variations of the ND monogram, all of which incorporate the N and D to be overlying one another. The phrase on the button, "Makes the Difference," expresses that the spirit of Notre Dame makes the difference. 

The blue and yellow colors represent the University of Notre Dame. The school's original school colors can be traced back to it's time of founding, 1842. The yellow symbolizes the light and the blue symbolizes the truth. In 1879, the yellow was changed to gold when the campus' main building was rebuilt. The gold color was in honor of the new building's gilded golden domed roof. These colors are mainly used to represent the school's football team. 

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