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Museum of Ceramics

Museum of Ceramics Event Button Museum
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Once producing over half the dinnerware sold in the United States, East Liverpool, Ohio is also referred to by such nicknames as "Crockery City" and "The Pottery Capital of the World". The amount of ceramics manufacturers has since dwindled down to a few in this historic town but accordingly, the city is now home to The Museum of Ceramics which was established in 1980 by the Ohio History Connection. The museum's collection is housed within the city's former U.S. Post Office -- the 1906 Beaux Arts style building whose intricate facade is featured on this button. It boasts a large assemblage of pottery and dinnerware, manufacturer histories, life-size dioramas, as well as an extensive archive of documents and photographs on the subject of ceramics. It is also known as the home of the women's pottery group, "The Lady Slippers" -- named for the "slip", or watered-down clay, utilized in pottery-making.


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