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Mork From Ork with Suit

Mork From Ork with Suit Entertainment Button Museum
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Mork From Ork with Suit button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Mork from Ork ™
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Color photograph of Mork (Robin Williams) holding a suit. The words "Mork from Ork" on the right side of button in white letters. 

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©1979 Paramount Pictures Corp. TM designates a trademark of P.P.C.

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This is a button promoting the comedy sci-fi show Mork & Mindy that ran from 1978 to 1982. Robin Williams played the quirky alien from planet Ork, who is sent to Earth to investigate it's residents. Mork becomes friends with Mindy, the Earth resident who helps and boards him. The suit Mork is holding on the button is his Orkan spacesuit.

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