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Miss DC 2006

Miss DC 2006 Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Miss DC 2006 Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Good Luck Crystal! Miss DC 2006
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Grey background. Headshot of a woman with a purple collar. White cursive font.

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The Miss District of Columbia pageant crowns a winner who goes on to represent the D.C. area in the Miss America pageant. Women who compete in this event typically work or study in Washington, D.C., but most are not residents of the district and come from neighboring states.

In 2006, the winner of the Miss D.C. pageant was Georgia-native Kate Michael. She was twenty-four at the time of her crowning and performed a jazz routine to the song “Fever” for the talent portion. She later competed in Miss America in 2007, but lost to Lauren Nelson from Oklahoma. Today, Michael works for the Department of Employment Services and has a startup business on the side called Consignment Cocktails.


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