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Illustration of a white skull with a white beard and a red and white Santa hat on a black background

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The Misfits are a punk rock band from New Jersey known for their numerous break-ups, reformations, and line-up changes since first appearing on the scene in 1977. They are acknowledged as one of the originators of the music genre horror punk, which features songs inspired by images and themes from horror and science fiction films. Popularly known as the fiend skull, the Misfits iconic skull logo is based on the villain from the 1940's film serial “The Crimson Ghost”. Prolific merchandisers, the Misfits have licensed the fiend skull logo for use on countless products over the years. Going beyond the typical rock band merchandise of T-shirts and music recordings, the spooky visage of the Misfits fiend can now be found on everything from bikinis to shower curtains. Holiday-themed merchandise is also sold on the Misfits’ official online “Fiend” store, which offers Valentine’s Day and Christmas-themed products, in addition to more typical Halloween-themed gear.

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