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Text on Button McKINLEY TANNER ILLINOIS. 1896.
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Two black and white photographs of men's head and shoulders inside white ovals with black text underneath on an illustration of an American flag

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This jugate (double portrait) button shows William McKinley on the left and John Riley Tanner on the right. 1896 was an election year, and both men were Republicans running for office. 

McKinley was the Governor of Ohio, and he was running for president. He conducted an unusual front porch campaign where he did not travel but the invited the world to his front porch in Canton, OH where he was available to the public Monday through Saturday. Tanner was running for governor of Illinois. Both won their respective elections: McKinley became the 25th President of the United States, and Tanner became the 21st Governor of the State of Illinois. Both men were in office from 1897-1901.


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