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McDonalds Inspector Gadget

McDonalds Inspector Gadget Innovative Busy Beaver Button Museum
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McDonalds Inspector Gadget back Innovative Busy Beaver Button Museum
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McDonalds fries and Coca-cola over Inspector Gadget gears and springs with white text on purple background with red flashing light.

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©1999 McDonald's Corp.·©1999 The Coca-Cola Co.

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Released in 1999, Inspector Gadget was a film starring Matthew Broderick based on the popular 1980s cartoon program of the same name. The film told the origin story of Inspector Gadget and adversary, The Claw. This was the last film produced by Caravan Pictures before merging into Spyglass Entertainment.

In promotion of the movie, fast food giant McDonalds tied in a peel and win game where participants were able to purchase various food items and could win future free food or select grand prizes. Employees would wear promotional badges to entice people to play the games and purchase more food items. This Gadget badge has a flashing red light that is activated when the metal pin connects with the metal closure grabbing more attention for the promotion and the robotic components of the titular character of the film, Inspector Gadget.

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