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Make Reform a Reality

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Blue and indigo text over white background on upper area.White text on dark purple background in lower area. A white stick with a snake curling around it is on the right side of the text in the lower area.

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The American Medical Association (AMA) was founded in 1847 and strives to promote the art and science of medicine and improve the quality of public health. In 2017, AMA advocated for health care reform to improve the quality of public health, medical ethics, scientific evidence, and long-standing policies adopted by representatives from over 190 physician organizations. The Affordable Care Act supported millions of Americans in health insurance coverage, and it has been a top priority of the AMA for a long time. AMA is now committing to the Affordable Care Act reform to address its issues and find ways to improve them. As the AMA strives to improve public health, their efforts in advocating for health care reform proposals are an essential part of their mission.


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