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Illustration of beaver gnawing on tree stump.  White and green text, background is diagonally divided green and white. 

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Given Oregon’s extensive waterways and lush vegetation, it is no surprise that beavers are common throughout the state. These critters have played an important role in the state’s history and even its fashion as Oregonians of the nineteenth century commonly wore hats made out of beaver fur. Beavers have come to be a symbol of Oregon and have a special place on the state flag. They also serve as the mascot for Oregon State University.

The Pacific Regalia Company Makers was a button-producing business based in Portland, Oregon. Although it no longer exists, the company was churning out many political, as well as Oregon-related, buttons during the first half of the twentieth century. Perhaps the most well known product of theirs is a Teddy Roosevelt button created in the early 1900s when the U.S. president made a short visit to Portland.


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