Love Is Trying a Little Tenderness

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Text on Button love is ... ... trying a little tenderness.
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Illustration of two nude characters and black text on a green background

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Created by New Zealand artist Kim Casali in the 1960s, "Love is..." comics were little love-type notes for her then fiancé Roberto Casali. The cartoons are one frame, drawn in black and white with “Love Is “ in the upper left corner, and then a drawing with the sentiment underneath. The couple in the comic are nude and the woman always has light long hair and the man has short dark hair. They are seen doing things together, being happy, thinking of each other when apart, and just being in love. 

The comic strip was first published in 1970. Each one is individual, there is no series or continuation. In 1972, the most popular of the comics appeared: "Love Is...being able to say you are sorry" and was marketed internationally. Today the comic strip is distributed through Tribune Media Services. 

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