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Love is Never Having to Trust a Trustee

Love is Never Having to Trust a Trustee Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Love is Never Having to Trust a Trustee button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Orange and yellow text on a black background

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The premise of the button suggests that true love, would not end in divorce, therefore not necessitating a trustee to protect assets. In America, nine states are community property states, meaning in the event of a divorce each spouse receives 50% of the property brought into the marriage. The remaining states use a system of “equitable distribution”, which means that after looking at the circumstances of the divorce, assets are split according to the decision of the judge and could still be split 50/50. One way to control how individual assets will be distributed after a divorce is by setting up a trust prior to marriage. When assets are put in a trust, ownership is given away to the trust and overseen by an appointed trustee.

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