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Lorenji Shift

Lorenji Shift Music Button Museum
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Lorenji Shift button back Music Button Museum
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L lorenji shift
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Black text on yellow background

Curl Text: 415-789-8235

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Lorenji Shift was an “emo power pop band” based in Shoreline, Connecticut. The band’s discography includes two albums: Anger Believe Me (1999) and Pushin 500 (2001). The cover design is based on the band's second album cover. Lorenji Shift belonged to the Connecticut indie rock record label Sling Slang Productions. The band notably performed at Booth Library’s Summer Concert in 2001 alongside other local musicians. Several band members later joined forces to form a post-emo band called the Halo Jump in 2002, which was popular among local high school students.


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