Little Pinkies The Policeman

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A police man is running with a billy club. Small black text appears over a white background.

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American Pepsin Gum Co. Buttons made by Whitehead & Hoag co. Newark N.J.

Curl Text Pat July 21, 1896
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"The Policeman" is one of a series of pins that was produced by Whitehead & Hoag Co. for the American Pepsin Gum Company. The Little Pinkies series includes The Fireman, Uncle Sam and the Sailor. Early in the 20th century, New Jersey based American Pepsin Gum Company, a gum and candy business, distributed these pinback style buttons in their products.

Many gum manufacturers in the late 1800's used pepsin powder in their chewing gum and marketed it as a way to aid in digestion.  Pepsin was thought to settle stomach issues and help people with digestive concerns.  

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