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Little Joe

Little Joe Advertising Button Museum
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Little Joe button back Advertising Button Museum
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Little Joe
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Illustration of the character, Little Joe

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Kellogg's PEP

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Little Joe was a Western comic strip that appeared in the Chicago Tribune Sunday strip from 1933 to 1972. Originally created and written by Ed Leffingwell and later by his brother, Robert, the story focused on Little Joe, a thirteen-year-old boy who lived in a world of danger. Upon his father's murder, Little Joe is tasked with running the Oak Ranch alongside his mother and their helper, Utah, a white-moustached former gunslinger. The comic focused on Little Joe navigating life while coming into conflict with outlaws, politicians, corrupt businessmen. 

This button was part of a series of buttons that featured 86 different comic book characters that were included in PEP cereal boxes between 1945 and 1947.

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