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Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions

Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions Music Button Museum
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BBC Sessions was released in 1997 by Atlantic Records and is a compilation of both live and studio-recorded tracks performed by the British rock band Led Zeppelin. The three-disc set was the first new Led Zeppelin material released in seven years. The first disc has material from four different BBC sessions in 1969, while the second disc is the majority of an April 1971 concert played at the Paris Theatre in London. The third disc, only included in a limited release, features interviews from 1969, 1976,1977 and 1990. 

Led Zeppelin is one of the most influential and successful rock bands in history. The band consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham. The group broke up following Bonham's death in 1980, but the remaining members have continued to collaborate and occasionally reunite for performances. In 2007, they played a tribute concert in London, featuring Bonham's son Jason on the drums. 

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