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Laugh-In was a popular American sketch comedy television show created by Dan Rowen and Dick Martin.  The show, which consisted of 140 episodes, ran from 1968-1973.  The title was a play on words reflecting the “love-ins” and “sit-ins” common in the 1960s hippie culture and civil rights movements.  Skits from the show featured regular cast members and special guest stars and became the launching platform for stars such as Goldie Hawn, Lilly Tomlin and Arte Johnson.  Laugh-In became the #1 television show in America within two months of its debut.

Jo Ann Worley (b. 1937), appeared in the first three seasons of the show, and went on to make appearances as a guest start in numerous television shows and game shows.  Best known for her boisterous voice, Worley stated that as a child she would lip-sync in church so as not to drawn out the other parishioners.  Recently, Worley appeared as the voice of Armoire the Wardrobe in the popular video games Kingdom Hearts I and II.

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