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Laugh-In was a popular American sketch comedy television show created by Dan Rowen and Dick Martin.  The show, which consisted of 140 episodes, ran from 1968-1973.  The title was a play on words reflecting the “love-ins” and “sit-ins” common in the 1960s hippie culture and civil rights movements.  Skits from the show featured regular cast members and special guest stars and became the launching platform for stars such as Goldie Hawn, Lilly Tomlin and Arte Johnson.  Laugh-In became the #1 television show in America within two months of its debut.

Dan Rowen (1922-1987) was an American comedian who co-created the comedy series Laugh-In with Dick Martin.  Rowen was actually born on a carnival train in Oklahoma, and traveled and performed with his parents until he was 11, when he was orphaned.  He then spent the next 4 years in an orphanage in Colorado, until he was adopted at the age of 15.  After completing high school, Rowan hitchhiked to Los Angeles and began working in the mail room at Paramount.  A year later, he became the youngest staff writer for the studio.  Rowan served as a fighter pilot in WWII and received several military decorations including the Purple Heart.  After discharge he returned to California, and teamed up with Dick Martin and toured as a comedy team until the pair created the Laugh-In series.

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