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Lake County IL IBEW

Lake County IL IBEW Club Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Lake County IL IBEW back Club Busy Beaver Button Museum
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IBEW LOCAL 150 Lake County, IL
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Blue illustration of fist holding lightning surrounded by red text on silver background.

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Union bug

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The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a union which has approximately 775,000 members across the Americas. This union collectively bargains against employers for their members over wages, rights, and benefits. They are unique among unions as their members are found in a broad range of fields such as telecommunications, government, etc.

IBEW 150 is located Libertyville, IL and serves Lake Country. This branch was founded in 1914 and now includes over 1,200 members. Members in this location primarily work as residential wiremen, lightning rod installers, and telecommunication signmen.


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