La Follette Park

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La Follette Park located in the Austin neighborhood on the west side of Chicago was named after U.S. Representative, Senator, and three term Wisconsin governor, Robert M. La Follette. A petition signed by more than 100,000 citizens requested the tribute. Known as "Fighting Bob" among members of the community, La Follette was committed to reform efforts to better the lives of children, women, farmers, and workers.

The site of the park was originally acquired in 1918 by the West Park Commission, but failed negotiations between landscape architect Jens Jensen and the committee caused the park commission to remain dormant until 1925, coinciding with La Follette's death. In 1927, architects Michaelsen and Rognstad were commissioned to design the fieldhouse building, the Italian Renaissance Revival-style building that still stands in La Follette Park. Upon completion of the fieldhouse building, La Follette Park was dedicated in April 1928. 

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