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Knock On any Norge

Knock On any Norge Advertising Button
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Knock On any Norge button back Advertising Button
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knock on any Norge!
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Red text outlined in black on a white background

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Norge was a brand of home appliances that began production in the early 1940s. In addition to washing machines, refrigerators, and stoves, during World World II Norge also manufactured bullets, gun turrets, and airplanes. Norge, a division of the parent company Borg-Warner, produced appliances until the 1970s when Borg-Warner sold the Norge brand to Magic Chef; Magic Chef was then absorbed by Maytag in the 1990s. Norge is probably most well known for it’s commercial jingle, referenced on this button: “Knock on any Norge, hear the solid sound of quality. Knock on any Norge, here is why you'll be glad it's a Norge."

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