Kennedy '80 Four Leaf Clover

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Illustration of a green four leaf clover with stars around the outside and white text on it all on a white background

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The image of a four-leaf clover depicted on this button may have been intended to refer the Kennedy family's Irish roots, or to support Kennedy with the symbolic meanings of the four leaves (faith, hope, love and luck).

When incumbent President Jimmy Carter's approval ratings were very low at the end of his first term in 1980, some members of the Democratic Party considered it necessary to challenge him during the primary elections. Massachusetts Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy decided to finally make a run for the presidency, following his brothers John and Robert. 

The 1980 Democratic National Convention, held in August at Madison Square Garden, was notable for the rivalry between Carter and Kennedy. Although Carter had maintained a substantial lead throughout the primary elections, Kennedy refused to drop out of the race. At the convention, Kennedy attempted to have delegates released from their obligation to vote for Carter, but was unsuccessful. Carter went on to lose in the general election to the Republican candidate, Ronald Reagan. 

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