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Kellogg's Pep Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron 2

Kellogg's Pep Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron Advertising Button Museum
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Kellogg's Pep Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron button back Advertising Button Museum
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Bat with yellow wing over an "S" with a red background. 

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Kellogg's PEP

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This button features the emblem of the Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron. 

The button is one of a set of military insignia pins issued by Kellogg's with their PEP cereal in 1943. The set is known as the “Pep War Insignia Pins” and features 36 WWII military squadron emblems. It was created for Kellogg's by the legendary "Premium King" Sam Gold. The Kellogg's Pep cereal brand sponsored radio programs and was known for giving away premium items such as trading cards, badges, and pinback buttons.

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