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Keep Your Eyes on Simoniz Company

Keep Your Eyes on Simoniz Company Advertising Button Museum
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Keep Your Eyes on Simoniz Company button back Advertising Button Museum
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The word "eyes" is enlarged and there is a pupil in each of the rounded parts of the "e" letters. A black sawtoothed border surrounds the black words on the white background.

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The Simoniz Company came about in the early twentieth century almost in tandem with automobiles. The company was initially called Simons Manufacturing Company and their two products were Simons Cleaner and Simons Paste Wax, created for car finishes. By 1912, the company, which had been founded by George Simons and Elmer Rich, was taken over fully by Elmer and his brother, R.J. Rich. The company’s name changed to Simoniz Company and was located at 2121 Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Over the years, the company has taken on more products, such as floor waxes, during the 1940s and 1950s. The company was also known for their combination wash and wax products for vehicles. A commercial for this combination product from the 1960s was endorsed by the Three Stooges. 

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