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Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet

Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet Advertising Button Museum
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Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet button back Advertising Button Museum
Times Recorder, Zanesville, Ohio (November 29, 1931)
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An illustration of a person with a round face is smiling and winking. The text is white and the background is blue.

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GERAGHTY & COMPANY 3035-37 W. LAKE ST. CHICAGO, U.S.A. is stamped on the back. A "G" symbol and two different union symbols are printed in the center. One union is the Chicago Local No. 4 and the other is for Union Label.

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According to an article that ran in the Zanseville, Ohio Times Recorder on November 29, 1931, the advertising slogan “Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet," was used to create excitement around Chevrolet dealerships. The slogan was displayed at car dealerships, complete with streamers, but with no further information. According to the Daily News from Ludington, Michigan, December 13, 1932, Chevrolet also ran a radio spot with the slogan on over 168 stations. The company had mailed “76 tons of promotional material” to various dealerships. This week-long-campaign was used to create suspense around the new Chevrolet. On December 5th “5,355 newspapers printed the announcement of the new 1932 Chevrolet Six, the 25,000 posters [that had said “Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet”] were changed accordingly, and the public was thronging its way to dealers’ showrooms.” (pg. 7).

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