John Cougar American Fool

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Photograph of John Cougar-Mellencamp with an orange, red and yellow sky background with white and blue text.

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This a promotional button for John Cougar's (also known as John Mellencamp or John Cougar-Mellencamp) 1982 album "American Fool". The album reached number one in 1982 and was the highest selling album of the year. Featuring "Hurts So Good" and the classic rock standard "Jack and Diane" it is one of Mellencamp's most successful albums.

Boasting over 40 million album sales, 22 top 40 hits, and a Grammy Award, Mellencamp is a highly successful musician. In 2008 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Billy Joel who Mellencamp inducted in 1999.

Along with Willie Nelson and Neil Young, Mellencamp is one of the founders and organizers of Farm Aid - a yearly benefit concert designed to aid American farmers.

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