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Jetsons The Movie

Jetsons The Movie Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Jetsons The Movie back Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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JETSONS The Movie July 6, 1960
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Yellow, blue and black text over an illustration of the Jetsons family flying through space. 

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The Jetsons was originally a cartoon television series about a family that lived in futuristic space. The Jetsons: The Movie was released in 1990 starring the Jetson family (using voice actors Mel Blanc, George O'Hanlon and Penny Singleton). The plot of the movie centers around a new plant that George Jetson works at and a plot to sabotage it that he must stop. Two of the primary voice actors, Mel Blanc and George O'Hanlon, passed away during production making the movie their last performance.

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