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I've Got Oomph

I've Got Oomph Advertising Button Museum
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I've Got Oomph button back Advertising Button Museum
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I've GOT Oomph!
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White background with blue text on top and red text on the bottom

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Eat the bread with Oomph! Phone Humboldt 3-2540. Linden 2-3370. Orange 3-0646. and Rice's Bread the bread with Oomph! Will be delivered to your home

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"I've got oomph!" is an advertising slogan used by Rice's Bread, a restaurant started in 1930s. Rice's Bread ads can be seen in the Afro American Newspaper in the 1940s. Besides meaning a sound made under exertion, “Oomph” is also a colloquial term for sex appeal and attractiveness. Although the first spotted use was in the 1900s in the U.S., "oomph" did not become a popular term till 1930s, and became accepted as a "proper English word" in a London newspaper in 1946. 

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