I'm Reddy for Teddy

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Text on Button "I'M REDDY FOR TEDDY"
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White text on a red background.

Curl Text (union bug) COPYRIGHT BET YOUR BUTTONS COMPANY. 1980 (312) 266-0418
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Additional Information “I’m Reddy for Teddy” could be referring to the DJ and blues singer Ready Teddy (Terence McQuiston) known for his onstage handstand. Ready Teddy was a New Orleans radio DJ who played with the local band Swamp Daddys. He earned his name from the 1956 rock song “Reddy Teddy” written by John Marascalco and Robert Blackwell, and made popular by Ready Teddy’s friend Little Richard. The phrase could also be in reference to the punk rock band Reddy Teddy which played from 1972 to 1978 based in Boston.
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