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I'm Bad With Names

I'm Bad With Names  Humorous Button Museum
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I'm Bad With Names button back Humorous Button Museum
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i'm bad with names, CAN I CALL YOU SHITHEAD
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Red and purple text on a white background with small red dots

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156 copyright KALAN Phila 10151

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This humorous line is from Donald Harstad’s book, Eleven Days. It was written on a coffee mug belonging to Sally, a character who comes into the main protagonist Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman’s life after a frantic 911 comes in and a grisly murder is found at the scene of the crime. Cops who had thought they seen it all must now piece together what lead to this and who did it in the small town of Maitland Iowa. 

Donald Harstad is a twenty-six-year veteran of the Clayton County Sheriff's Department in northeastern Iowa. Eleven days is part of the Cal Houseman series that includes The Known Dead, The Big Thaw, Code 61, A Long December, and November Rain.


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