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I Scaled the Heights

I Scaled the Heights Event Button Museum
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I Scaled the Heights button back Event Button Museum
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I scaled the heights to FORT MACKINAC
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Illustration of a fort with black text above and below on a light yellow background

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Fort Mackinac is one of the many attractions that is featured at the Mackinac Island State Park in Michigan. It sits on a limestone bluff 150 feet above the Straits of Mackinac. Originally constructed between 1780-81, it is one of the oldest and most complete forts in the United States. The fort stands as one of the only American Revolutionary War forts remaining. In 1895, the fort was transferred over to the state of Michigan and it became part of the first state park in that state, Mackinac Island State Park. Today 14 original buildings remain open as a museum for guests and visitors to the fort.

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