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The “I Love ‘State Name’” tourism campaign is ubiquitous across the United States and around the world, but its origins date back to 1977 when Milton Glaser created the iconic “I Love NY” logo to help increase New York tourism. The campaign was a wild success and inspired countless copycats across the nation; however, New York is unique in adopting this campaign as part of their state slogan. In 2009, “I Love New York” was designated the official state slogan, not to be confused with its state motto, “Excelsior.” 

Nevada’s state slogan is “Battle Born.” The slogan takes its name from the year the state was founded, 1864. The state joined the Union during the American Civil War, hence its slogan, “Battle Born.” The state motto is “All for Our Country,” and while there’s no documentation on why this motto was adopted, some believe that it is referencing the state’s pro-Union stance, as the motto “The Union Must and Shall Be Preserved” was also considered during the state’s first constitutional convention. 


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