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I Know A Better Way

I Know A Better Way Advertising Button Museum
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I Know A Better Way button  back Advertising Button Museum
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I KNOW A BETTER WAY mbti manpower business training institute
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Large text in bold, white, capital letters on blue background. Small logo and name of institution below text.  Logo is a blue stick figure set against a white, circular background, with the letters "mbti" above it, and "manpower business training institute" encircling it below.

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This button possibly refers to a training institute that was based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  An advertisement in the Milwaukee Journal, dated August 7, 1968, promoted their courses in data processing.  Courses offered were geared towards IBM key punch operation, IBM computer programming, and professional secretary positions.


The Milwaukee Journal. (1968). Manpower Business Training Institute will train you for an inside opportunity in today’s fastest growing job field! Retrieved from

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