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I Heart DIY girls

I Heart DIY girls I Heart Button Museum
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I Heart DIY girls button back
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I Heart DIY girls
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Text burnt into the wood surface of the button

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DIY girls is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping girls become interested in math and science. They have grown alongside the makerspace movement but with an emphasis on making that movement and space accessible to young girls. DIY girls profess to value and promote creative freedom, opportunity, relationships, empowerment, and skill-building. This is exemplified in the myriad of workshops they present including community strengthening, electronics, coding, woodworking, and 3D design and printing. They run much of their own programming in addition to school partnerships. DIY girls specifically serve the Latina community in the Northeast San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.

This wooden button was laser cut by DIY girls in 2014 as promotional material for a #DIYgirlssocial event hosted in late November.


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