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Text on Button I AM LOVED®
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White text with yellow ribbon replacing O on illustration of camouflage background.

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Curl Text Helzberg Diamonds® 800-HELZBERG helzberg.com
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The yellow ribbon is a symbol that coincides with the military to “Support Our Troops.” Yellow ribbons appeared around trees during the Iran Hostage Crisis as a sign of unity in 1981. During the Gulf War, a ribbon would appear next to the phrase, “support our troops,” and from then on, the ribbon became a symbol associated with unity and the military.

The Helzberg Diamonds Foundation started an advertising campaign in 1967 when Barnett Helzberg Jr. proposed to his girlfriend Shirley Bush. He wanted her to know that she was loved, and decided to give away buttons reading “I am loved” in all of his stores. The buttons became popular across the country immediately. They were used by schools and religious groups and were sent to servicemen overseas. Foreign language and limited edition versions of the button were introduced. The buttons are still given away in Helzberg stores today with the tagline, “Buy her a diamond or give her a button, but in any case, tell her she’s loved.”

Each year, Helzberg releases a limited edition button whose design grows and changes to represent the "I Am Loved" message in profound and new ways.


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