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I Am A Batman Fan Red

I Am A Batman Fan Red Club Button Museum
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I Am A Batman Fan Red button back Club Button Museum
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Batman symbol in purple on white highlight, surrounded by white text on red background. 

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1966 Creative HSE Chicago 60641 ©N.P.P Inc. 1966

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Batman is a comic book superhero who is featured in television shows, cartoons, and feature films. He first appeared in a DC Comics series in 1939, and has since had a continuous presence in American pop culture. Batman is the secret identity of millionaire Bruce Wayne, who does not have superpowers, but makes use of intellect, wealth, and a stash of technological gizmos to fight villains like Catwoman, the Penguin, and the Joker, in his home of Gotham City. The character of Batman first appeared in 1939, drawn by Bob Kane (1915-98) for Detective Comics, issue number 37. 

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