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Huddle with Hubert

Huddle with Hubert Advertising Button Busy Beaver Museum
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Huddle with Hubert button back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black and white illustration of a lion head wearing a football helmet over black text on a white background.

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Hubert the Lion is a marketing character that was created for Harris Bank by the Leo Burnett advertising agency in 1958. Like a lion, Hubert was meant to represent what the bank wanted to be known for; per bank VP Mary Ullrich, “dignity, importance, strength, everything that we wanted to stand for except warmth and friendliness.” Hubert was originally a stuffed animal given out as a premium for attracting customers and became one of the more popular bank premiums in history. 


Austin, B. (December 7, 1988). Hubert is Leader of the Pack.

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