Ho Hos and a Smile

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Text on Button TRY Hostess HO HOs CAKE AND SMILE
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Blue and red text on a white background with a yellow outer edge and yellow stars on the white and a red smile under the red text

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Ho Hos are a variety of chocolate frosted snack cakes made by Hostess, the same company that also produces Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Sno Balls. The first Ho Ho was made by hand in a San Francisco bakery in 1967, and mass production quickly followed. Early advertising campaigns for Ho Hos featured the mascot "Happy Ho Ho,” a cartoon rendering of a Ho Ho dressed like Robin Hood. The snack also had its own jingle, which described Ho Hos  as "The chocolaty snack that gives you go! It's candy and cake, all in one. It's two great treats, and so much fun!"

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