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Heywood-Wakefield Company

Heywood-Wakefield Co. Innovative Button Museum
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Heywood-Wakefield Co. button back  Innovative Button Museum
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Heywood-Wakefield Co. 1300
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Black and white photograph framed by yellow with black text contained within a metal button. 

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The button is believed to have been a Heywood-Wakefield Company employee identification badge.  Five brothers from Gardner, Massachusetts founded a small furniture manufacturing company in 1826.  It was successful and expanded into, among other places, Chicago's West Side, where it build a warehouse (1883), a factory (1884), and a salesroom (1891).  In 1913, the Chicago facilities were expanded with the sale of one million dollars of general stock.  In 1921, the company became the Heywood-Wakefield Company under Massachusetts law when it liquidated its New Jersey holdings.  The employee identification badge dates from 1921 or after since it reads "Heywood-Wakefield Co."


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