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Help Allergy Annie

Help Allergy Annie Advertising Button Museum
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Help Allergy Annie button back Advertising Button Museum
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Help Allergy Annie
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Illustration of a young blonde girl crying with red irritated eyes and nose. There's also an image of a white bird next to the girl's head. Button has white background and red text.

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Honeywell 7/69 handwritten on the back

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Allergy Annie was a character developed by Honeywell HVAC company to promote their air cleaning products. The doll and coloring book were offered for free when readers agreed to have a representative demonstrate "(in your home) the multiple benefits of this Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner."

Red-eyed Annie in our button should not be confused with the new Annie. In May of 2012 "Allergy Annie" was trademarked by a company selling allergy labeling products. Wonder if they know about the "real" Allergy Annie?


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