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Harding And Coolidge with stars

Harding And Coolidge with stars Political Button Museum
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Harding And Coolidge with stars button back Political Button Museum
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White text on a blue background with two white stars.

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 J. L. Lynch 325 W. Madison St. Chicago ; Pat. Jan 1917

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President Warren G. Harding and Vice President Calvin Coolidge were elected to office in 1920. Their campgain slogan was Less Government in Business and More Business in Government. At the time of the election, the country was suffering a depression following World War I, and Americans were eager for change. Follwing the election, Harding and his fellow Republicans in Congress lived up to their promises by lowering taxes, creating a Federal budget system, and limiting immigration. By the time Harding died of a heart attack in 1923, America was beginning to experience the prosperity of the roaring twenties. Coolidge became president on August 3, 1923 and served until 1929. 

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