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Happy New Dodge

Happy New Dodge Advertising Button Museum
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Happy New Dodge button back Advertising Button Museum
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White and black text on a red background

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In 1900, brothers John Francis and Horace Dodge established the Dodge Brothers Company manufacturing ball bearing bicycles in Detroit, MI. In 1903, the brothers shifted focus completely to automobile parts. Henry Ford approached Dodge Brothers and offered 10% stake in Ford Company if their plants could manufacture Ford parts. Dodge Brothers held a major portion of the industry as they continued to profit from Ford parts but also designed their own. Dodge Brothers went public on July 17, 1914. Although John Francis and Horace Dodge died in 1920, the company has experienced great success with iconic advertising campaigns such as “Join the Dodge Rebellion” in 1966-1967 and “Dodge Fever” in 1967-1969.


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