Hands Across America

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Text on Button I'm Joining HANDSACROSSAMERICA May 25, 1986 In Association with The Coca-Cola Company
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Red and black text on white background with an illustration of the outline of the United States in red, white and blue

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"Hands Across America" was a massive publicity campaign conducted by USA (United Support of Artists) for Africa in tandem with the Coca-Cola Company on May 25, 1986. Approximately 6.5 million people formed a human chain along an established path across the continental United States. Proceeds raised were donated to local charities to fight hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Although the event was intended as a charitable act, protests were held in cities that were excluded, including Portland, Seattle, and several throughout New England. Actor Tom Selleck helped lead the counter "Hands Across Hawaii" event to protest that Hawaii was not considered, even though Hawaiians are American citizens. 

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