Guided By Voices Alien Lanes

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Text on Button guided by voices, alien lanes
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Blue text on color zigzag background.

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Prototype button made in 1995 for Busy Beaver Button Company's first customer, Guided By Voices.

Guided by Voices (GBV) is an alternative rock band from Dayton, Ohio. The band is known for its characteristic lo-fi sound and unusually short songs. Formed in 1983, the band released its first full-length album, Devil Between My Toes, in 1987. While the band's lineup has changed significantly over time, songwriter and front-man Robert Pollard has remained a constant member. 

Alien Lanes is the band's eighth full-length album, released in 1995 by Matador Records. The album features 28 tracks, including hits "Game of Pricks" and "My Valuable Hunting Knife." 


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