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The Green Goblin

The Green Goblin Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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The Green Goblin back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Black and green text and a green and pink illustration of the Green Goblin's head on a white background

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copyright 1979 MARVEL COMICS GROUP

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The Green Goblin is a fictional supervillain who appears in Marvel Comics comic books, mostly those stories that feature Spider-Man. He is Halloween-themed and his weapons of choice resemble jack-o'-lanterns and ghosts.The first and most well-known character behind the Green Goblin is Norman Osborn, created by Stan Lee in The Amazing Spider-Man #14. Norman took the Goblin formula to enhance his physical and mental capacities, but the formula also caused insanity. Harry Osborn, Norman's son, became the second Green Goblin. Harry was put under the care of a psychologist, Dr. Hamilton, who uncovers Harry's secrets through hypnosis in order to become the third Green Goblin. As a fictional character, the Green Goblin has appeared in comic books, films and television shows, with distinct differences between the various portrayals. 

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