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A Great Man with a Vision

A Great Man with a Vision Political Button Museum
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A Great Man with a Vision button back Political Button Museum
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A Great Man With A Vision Rev. Jesse L. Jackson For President in '88
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White text on top of a photograph of Jessie Jackson. 

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Jesse Jackson is a politician, civil rights activist, and minister.  He worked for Martin Luther King, Jr. and participated in the Selma to Montgomery marches.  Jackson was active in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and People United to Serve Humanity, and he founded the Rainbow Coalition in 1984.  He ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988.  In 1984, Jackson came in third place behind Gary Hart and Walter Mondale, despite having been viewed as a fringe candidate.  His 1988 campaign was even more successful.  Although he was briefly thought to be a frontrunner for the nomination, he was ultimately defeated by Michael Dukakis.

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