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Gray Whale Migration

Gray Whale Migration Event Button Museum
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Gray Whale Migration button back Event Button Museum
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Davenport, California is situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is famous for picturesque cliffs and bluffs.  Davenport is named for a whaling captain named John Pope Davenport and is home to Davenport Beach, American Abalone (a producer of California Red Abalone), and Davenport Jail which today serves as a local museum.  

Due to Davenport’s cliffs and bluffs, whales can be seen during their annual migration from Baja, Mexico to southeast Alaska. Female gray whales give birth in the south during the winter and make their way north along the coast with their offspring. These whales stick close to land to avoid predators and are easy to spot along this migration route.  Gray whales are protected by the International Whaling Commission and only a small number of these whales can be hunted each year.


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