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Grateful Dead Gill Sanchez

Grateful Dead Gill Sanchez Music Button Museum
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Grateful Dead Gill Sanchez button back Music Button Museum
Grateful Dead Gill Sanchez button candid  Music Button Museum
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A colorful illustration of a skull and skeleton hand holding a joint on top of a yellow and orange sun with orange wings above it, all on a sky blue background.

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Designed by artist Gill Sanchez, a student at New York City Community College (now known as New York Technological College) in 1978. He made 300 and sold them at school and during a 3 night showing of the Grateful Dead movie that come out in 1977.

This image was later reproduced by someone unknown to the artist. We don't know how many of those were made, but Gill Sanchez's signature is not on that version. 

It features the lightning skull logo, one of the band's most iconic images.The Grateful Dead is a rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1965. They are well-known for their unique fusion of various musical genres such as reggae, bluegrass, and psychedelia. 


Artist, Gil Sanchez via email.  Artist's FaceBook page:

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