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Gold Coast

Gold Coast Chicago Button Museum
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Gold Coast button back Chicago Button Museum
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Illustration of a man wearing a leather jacket and pants and black motorcycle boots with black text along the top edge with a white background

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This is most likely for the Gold Coast bar in Chicago, the first gay leather bar to be opened in the United States. The bar owas pened in 1958 by photographer Chuck Renslow, who had also founded numerous motorcycling magazines and clubs. Located on North Clark Street, the bar was considered tough and intimidating. Throughout the 1970s Renslow ran Mr. Gold Coast competitions, which became so popular that in 1979 it was moved to a bigger venue and is known today as the International Mr. Leather, a contest and conference for ‘leathermen’ around the world. The Gold Coast closed in 1988 after nearly thirty years, and in 1991 Renslow was inducted into the Chicago Lesbian and Gay Hall of Fame.

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