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Gai's Bakery

Gai's Bakery Advertising Button Museum
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Gai's Bakery button back Advertising Button Museum
Gai's Bakery Truck with Henry and Phil
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Henry and Phil Gai are personal friends of mine
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An illustrated man holding a sign that says "REALLY GOOD!" standing next to another man holding a package while waving. The red text forms a border on the white background.

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Giglio, an Italian immigrant, opened Gai’s Bakery in 1931 in Seattle Washington. The “New Home Bakery” was located at 20th Avenue South and South Jackson Street. After ten years of business, the specialty-bread store changed its name to “Gai’s Seattle French Baking.” The two sons of Giglio, Henry and Phil, eventually took over the bakery for their father. While Phil and Henry were in charge, they turned the business into a one-stop-shop with customers, including the Space Needle Restaurant. The height of the company’s productivity was in the 1980s when they had over 1400 employees and 480 delivery trucks. Gai’s bakery supplied rolls and buns to various places from 5 star restaurants and fast-food chains to grocery stores. The two brothers worked in different capacities for the business. Phil was known as the outgoing and gregarious salesman while Henry was more reserved and tended to the baking operations as the head baker. In 1992, Gai’s Bakery merged with the San Francisco French Bread. 

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